Can I bring a scene I know I want to work on?

Yes, of course! Having something written for you is not mandatory.

However, we strongly suggest that you don’t bring a scene from a well known movie. We want you to shine, so bringing in a popular movie scene would only be putting yourself up against that famous actor that made the scene so great to begin with.

If you wrote the scene yourself, even better. Whatever you bring in make sure it doesn’t exceed 2 pages.

Can I bring my actor friend to be in my scene?

Yes. Be sure to let them know that this is your reel and the focus will be on you. They will not get the same coverage and will not receive footage at the end.

I don’t have the money right now, do you offer discounts or a payment plan?

We are not currently offering discounts, but when we do it will be announced!

We understand that it can be a lot of money to put up and we’re sympathetic to financial needs, which is why we aim to keep our costs low so that we can provide a service that is comparatively more economic without compromising artistic integrity.

We try to break up payments to make it easier for you. Your deposit goes toward your balance, and you can pay part of your balance on rehearsal day and the remainder on shoot day. Unpaid invoices will not receive final product.

Ready to shoot? 

Reach out to us or visit our bookings page for more information on our availability.