Why We Started A4A


Upon graduating from my three-year acting program, I would’ve never guessed I would be taking another three years off to direct and produce my own video content in New York City. Acting was supposed to be my dream career, right? It was meant to be a 24-hour hustle, my #1 priority, my destined future. But instead of going to auditions and getting new headshots, I was busy directing music videos, commercials, and a variety of short fashion films. I was making my way up in the directing world, but not sure what that would mean for my previous dream of being an actor. 

Suddenly, my new dream was to create my own narrative films. I knew I would enjoy directing and producing these things, but not necessarily writing them, Luckily, I knew a very talented gal, Amber Glasgow. Amber has the ability to create full-bodied, emotionally enabled characters that come to life with colorful dialogue. It occurred to me that a collaboration was in order. One summer afternoon, I suggested we produce content together. It was a conversation that led to our belief that actors should help other actors and the increasing demand for custom acting reels. That’s when Amber came up with the name “Actor for Actor” (our logo is designed by her darling Uncle!) and we had a new plan. 

A year later, we’re officially open for orientations and meeting with new clients. We’ve enjoyed listening to the stories of where our actors come from, whether that’s musical theatre or film, as we are able to relate with them on a personal level. We know how it feels to have to sit through auditions, to feel frustration with continuity, to feel misunderstood emotionally. Which is why it feels so satisfying to connect and build off of the mutual experience of acting for the camera. 

- Hana