PSA: Working With Your Agent

Where To Start

We’ve mentioned before how important it is for an actor to do their research, but that isn’t limited to just your craft: It should be a component of everything in your career. Typically when you graduate from a program, you’re either going to be in a showcase for talent scouts to see you perform, or you’ll go out on your own and submit to agencies. Whichever path you’re on, you should know what you’re getting into. 

We’ve compiled a few helpful articles to get you started on what to expect when looking for an agent, how to nurture that relationship, and how to move on in your career. 

Our only advice: Don’t be the stereotypical actor that always complains about their agent - it’s not a good look. 

1. Jonathan Harden’s tips for a better relationship with your agent

The clear advice you can take from Harden is that as actors, we have to pull our weight as well. Don’t rely on your agent to do everything for you. And when we going to auditions, we’re not just representing ourselves but also our agents. So be on time, ready to go, and let your personality shine.

2. Joan Sittenfield’s 6 Key Components of an Actor/ Agent Relationship

Sittenfield relates this working relationship to that of a healthy marriage wherein you must understand the roles, check in with expectation vs. reality, and have a degree of trust, loyalty, honesty, and communication.

3. The City Audition’s Do’s and Don’t’s

A cut and dry approach of what to do and not do. My favorite takeaway was to avoid mailings or approaching an agency cold. Always get a referral!

4. Carolyne Barry’s 6 Ways To Find the Best Agent for You

And whaddya know, her first piece of advice is to do RESEARCH!

We hope this helps you get started on your agent journey, or at least offers some insight for your current representation!