Behind The Scenes: Paloma

Paloma is a bright, energetic actor with a heavy background in theatre. It was a joy to work on the following two scenes which were some of her first on-screen work.  The first scene we wrote for was “No One Tells You”, a satirical bit about a young adult named Audrey who has recently graduated from college and calls a fortune teller hotline for advice in regards to a major job opportunity. Since this scene required no other actors, it was important that we plan the pace and cuts of the scene to highlight Paloma’s performance without losing momentum. We blocked each cut at a rehearsal one week before filming, carefully blocking the use of an analog phone prop, rummaging through a wardrobe, trying on a leather jacket, and sifting through a purse. On shoot day, we designed the set to represent a late-90s bedroom aesthetic. Paloma comfortably settled down on the carpet for her first lines and we had a hilarious time running through the scene with Amber monitoring the sound and myself working camera. 

The second scene we wrote for Paloma was called “The Family”. In this scene, a young woman named Wendy has abruptly left a meeting with a “wellness group” that her friend Shane has just tried to introduce her to. Thinking her tea had been spiked, she begins to have flashbacks of being raised in a cult.  Both thematically and emotionally polar to the previous scene, we decided to shoot in an empty neighborhood at night. We first meet with Paloma and her guest actor, Tyler, an hour before filming to do a run through. After properly warming up, we head out to the location. Filming in the city can be a challenge, but we are patient on set while waiting for sirens and car alarms to subsist. The performances improve take after take, and it only takes an hour for us to get the performances we’re looking for. Despite the heavy theme of the scene, the cast and crew are incredibly upbeat during and after filming. We head back to my apartment and share sandwiches and debrief. It’s another successful shoot and we can’t wait to get to editing!