2018: Year In Review

Happy (belated) New Year! Even though January is well halfway over, it’s better said late than not at all. 

2018 had a number of new beginnings, some as soon as the clock struck midnight. I moved into a new apartment on New Year’s Eve, later that month I found my first grey hair, and in the summer I turned the pivotal (for me) 30 years old.

After all the hard work Hana and I put into our fundraising campaign in the fall of 2017, this was the year of fulfillment: Getting t-shirts and tote bags made, creating mini movie zines, and writing/ directing/ and filming reels, all for our qualifying backers. Creating content for our backers was especially helpful because it allowed us to workshop new techniques and solidify our craft in writing and directing a scene.

We also had to get our name out there, so we hit the pavement with marketing strategies that included the old fashioned flyers-in-cafes (what it this, the 90’s?), as well as distributing business cards, emailing and visiting acting schools,  and growing our social media presence.

Now in 2019, we are set for takeoff and ready to work harder than ever! We have some big announcements coming up soon, so be sure to keep an eye out.